About the Author

Michael L. Wright was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on October 1, 1947. After studying engineering, physics, math, philosophy, and religion at Georgia Tech and the University of Alabama, he left college in 1970 in search of a life and moved to Florida.

Since then he has skinny-dipped in pristine sinkholes (often after midnight), carved a Grit Art ball-and-chain in his Leon County Jail breakfast, almost been mauled by an alligator, testified as an expert witness in Federal Court, canoed the Aucilla River rapids and the Slave Canal, lived in Railroad Square, hiked in the Garden of Eden, presented a just-picked four-leaf clover to Gov. Lawton Chiles at his inauguration, bicycled to the likely site of the fabled Wakulla Volcano, created a website about the Golden Mean that's recognized world-wide. Schlepped equipment, recorded, and repaired guitar amps for local musicians, written and performed a few songs, engineered a CD, made T-shirts and bumper stickers, sold his nature and still-life photography. During much of that time he has created software for local businesses (including his own) and statewide professional associations, started and run an Internet hosting business, designed numerous web sites. The results of his research into the Wakulla Volcano, as well as some of his photos and somewhat florid prose, can be found at WakullaVolcano.com.

Mr. Wright currently resides at an undisclosed location somewhere near Tallahassee, Florida.

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