If a Mind Were Made
If a mind were made
Without senses
What would it think about
Without eyes
 we still have the mind's eye
Without ears
 we still have the mind's ear
...its nose its tongue its skin...
We are built from the ground up
To sense
Our minds are shaped by our brains
Our perceptions too
In a hundred years
It may be common to hook up artificial senses
To the brain
Or even cross-connect them
You could have X-ray ears
Eyes with perfect pitch
Touch magenta
Taste your television
Smell your happiness
Or unplug them all
And let your restless brain cells
Entertain you with ecstatic hallucinations
Maybe after a while you could
Create your own cosmos out of it all
Move your Word over your Waters
Send down carven tablets
And who would be there
To tell you you were not God


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Copyright © 2009 Michael L. Wright. All rights reserved.