It May Look Like Just a Directory Listing to You, Buddy
It may look like just a directory listing to you, buddy
But to me it's a roadmap of lost hopes and deleted dreams
A labyrinth of meaningless names
Folders within folders within folders
One lone entry flashing its unmet target's name
Like a cheap hotel sign
Not the sort of place you'd look
For a classy piece of work like her
Oh, she was quite a file, alright
Attributes out the wazoo
If you follow my meaning...
But she had problems
Her encounter with a malevolent worm
Had left her corrupt
Yeah, we brought in the heavyweight fixers
She was too much for them
One look at her contents
 and they stopped responding
Just generated errors and had to be terminated
If you follow my meaning...
They say even the mention of her name
Is enough to corrupt the log files
Now I've got to stop her
Before she brings down the whole machine
But she's gone 404 and all I've got is
A cold trail and a string of broken links
And another dead-end directory listing


<===     ===>
Copyright © 2009 Michael L. Wright. All rights reserved.